What We Do

Cell Tower Design & Engineering

We offer Stamped Structural Drawings and Calcs for all 50 States, Structural Analysis for Exisiting Sites, Mounts, and Foundations.
We produce Photo Sims, and Sample Boards in-house.

Complete In-House Production

We produce all parts of your project in-house, from the Pole, to Mounts, Branches, Palm Fronds, Dead Frond Skirts, and Custom Palm Pods.
No need to wait for special orders.

Rehabilation and Installation Services

Cell Trees is at the forefront of rehabilitating your site with rebarking, replacement branches, and new fronds and covers.
We are able to respond to your rehab work faster then ever.

Out of the Ordinary Offerings

Is your Jurisdiction looking for something unique? Our new products include Mono-Eucalyptus, Mono-Broadleaves, Water Towers, and Clock Towers. Send us your proposal, and see what we can do for you.

Antenna Cover Ordering

Pine, Palm, and Broadleaf Antenna Covers. Just download our brochure for info on color, style, and then contact us to place the order.

  • Our Pine and Broadleaf covers are available in three colors each.
  • Standard covers are 24” wide, and are available up to a 48" width.
  • Palm covers are available up to 4” widths.
  • Microwave covers are avaiable for 2' and 4' models.
  • Antenna cover lengths are made 6” longer than your antenna length.
  • antenna cover samples
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    Photo Simulations

    We can supply you, and your Jurisdiction with 3D Simulations, Multiple View Photo Sims, and Sample Boards.

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